Friday, January 26, 2007

My sister and her daughters

This is my elder sister Babyammamma and her daughters Beena (in Maroon with her husband's nephew) and Binu (in sky blue with her son Kevin and daughter Diana). Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 18, 2007

This is me karaokaying "Break Out to to the Other Side" at Turquose Cottage

This definitely proves I have a wild side to me. This is me singing at the Turquose Cottage karaoke night in Delhi

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Another good online friend and now offline friend Rekha Nambiar is an interior designer. Some of the chairs in the picture are designed by her at her workshop in NOIDA.
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Vijay Nair is a successful corporate lawyer and bears an uncanny resemblance to Malayalam matinee star Mammooty, my favorite actor.

Another good friend Rekha Nambiar is an interior designer. The chairs seen in the picture are designed and manufactured by her in her own workshop in NOIDA. Posted by Picasa
A smorgasbord of magazines on the Connaught Place pavement.
The Mac seems to be very popular. There wasn't any seating space for poor me!

The sun setting against a backdrop of parked cars.

This is a giant Swiss Knife, a favorite implement of mine.

"Just another wasted sunset" goes a song, don't remember the singer's name. Posted by Picasa
The fog. The cubic structure behind the onlookers is the skylight of the Metro.

The Cafe Coffee Day outlet from where I blogged. You can see the screen of my computer.

This is a view of Cafe Coffee Day. It's all shiny with the reflections on glass.

 Posted by PicasaAn array of beautiful shawls in a shop in Connaught Place. The owner was indignant, "Is it for a calendar, or, something?" I was asked. I said it was for my own satisfaction.
The Delhi fog is evident in this picture Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 08, 2007

Garima and Bobbin James

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This is Subbu the Karaoke Jockey with Sachin. Some of the wonderful friends I made in Delhi.

Shashi Kiran, Asheeth Manu and Garima Kaushik are all smiles.

Bobbin James, Shashi Kiran, Asheeth Manu and Garima posing for my camera.

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Bobbin James, Rajaraman (of Outlook), Garima, Asheeth, Subbu, and Nitin (Bohemian Rhapsody) at a dhaba we went for parathas.

Karaoke at Turquoise Cottage

Smita (smilestop, land of the smiling sun) with a friend (sorry friend, forget your name, will get it next time).

Richa Dubey is camera shy! So only managed to capture a profile.

Sachin and Nitin belting it out.

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Richa Dubey with a friend, at last!

Karaoke at Turquose Cottage, New Delhi

Smita, or one who smiles:)

Asheeth Manu, enjoying a coke!

Shalin Asher, in a serious mood!

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I can't figure out who this is, though, I find the smile dazzling!