Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pictures of Kritya International Poetry Festival

Eminent Malayalam Poet K. Satchidanandan with Indian English poet Mani Rao

These are some pictures of me (reading my poem) and other poets at the Kritya International Poetry Festival. Poets from around the world presented poems ranging from sound poems to wallpaper poems. The Indian contingent was well represented with Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam and English poets.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Me, somewhere in the eighties!

Oh! This is so embarassing and at the same time maudlin nostalgic! This is the way I looked somewhere in the eighties when I was editor of Ambit - The Journal of the Bombay Management Association. I had long hair (: See, son, I had hair then :) even then! Beside me is my trusted remington portable (a gift from JP deSousa (Jr.)) on which I typed editorials of Ambit (not to mention my first short story and articles), which since has rusted so much so that I had to sell it off for a rhyme.

For three years I enjoyed my editorship though I was paid only peanuts, but, those days in Army and Navy Building, Kala Ghoda, were halcyon, no doubt!