Saturday, March 15, 2008

March 2008 Caferati Meet

The March 2008 meet of Caferati was held at Kareena Merchant's lovely house in Nepean Sea Road. The terrace where the meet was held faced the sea and had a really good aura, adorned by exotic flowers, and caressed by the cool wind from the sea. A good time was had, doubtless.

Me, My Present Job

This is me at my present job. A bit of relaxation in the heavy, neck-deep schedule of work. I write corporate communications, brochures, press releases, and edit the in-hourse journals.

March 2008 Caferati Readmeet Against the Setting Sun

This is me holding forth at the March 2008 meet of Caferati. I read my poem "The Platform". A detailed report on my main blog (writer poet John P Matthew's daily blog).