Sunday, June 29, 2008

Man about Town

Been wandering around town and these are images I caught:

This lingerie maker is taking things a bit far, methinks!

This is the crowd outside Andheri station which is so crowded commuters constantly look down to see what muck they are walking into.

This hoarding promises to teach English speaking for Rs 599 only!
Amazing! I have been learning English all my life and still think my English is weak!

The new and spruced up Metro. I stood in queue but had to beat a hasty retreat when I saw the price of tickets. I used to watch movies for Rs 3.30 in the same theatre once! Now it cost 280 for what they call a Gold Seat. Are the seats made of Gold, or something? Even then it's unreasonable. Don't know, I couldn't even enter, the price kept me away.

I shot this in the atrium of a building I visited. The rings you see are the balconies of different floors. On top is the transparent roof.