Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Caferati Team in Tehelka

Originally uploaded by johnpmathew.
This the picture that Tehelka published of the Caferati readmeet at Manisha's place. From left are: Arjun Bali, Runa D, Hema Nair (Sunil's wife), Unidentified (she came with Pranay), Max Babi, Peter (hidden), Sunil Nair, and yours truly!


Dan Husain said...

This is the photograph that I saw in Tehelka, John and came hunting for Caferati on net. I joined it and was advised by Anita to attend a read-meet in early Jan this year at Anjan Ray's place. The rest is history.

Faces that were strange then are friends now. It is such a warm feeling to look at this snap now. Thanks John. :-)



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